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Who is Rockin Social Media? 

Rockin Social Media Agency is the Husband & Wife team of Paul & Karen Hutchinson, now living in Spain.
After studying and seriously geeking out on all things Instagram & Facebook for the last 10+ years, we decided to start helping other people and businesses with their social media platforms.

Rockin Social is a Social Media Agency working with individuals and Businesses to grow their following and increase their engagement on Instagram & Facebook.

How we can help you

Full list of services we offer



Are you struggling with your social media posting, lack of time or not quite sure what to post and when to post it. It is vital for your business to be posting to your social media platforms on a regular basis, and engaging with your customers, providing value. It can really help boost your brand awareness and ultimately sales & leads. We know it’s time-consuming and energy-sapping if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily for you, we are seriously geeky and we are here to take that pressure away from you and make it as easy as possible!

With +10 years working closely with Social media, in particular Instagram & Facebook we know what your main focus should be when it comes to growing your brand or business. Instagram is changing by the week in 2024 and you need to know who has their finger on the pulse when it comes to new changes.


3 Packages to choose from

Package 1


Top features

  • Creating a cohesive looking feed
  • 16 Social media graphic posts¬†per¬†month

  • Scheduling of¬†content

  • Content optimisation

  • ¬†Monthly report on all analytics

  • 2 Social media platforms of choice

    Additional social media platform added starting at  = £150 per month
    Captions are written by the client.
    (Stories not included)
    Minimum Contract 3 months paid monthly 3-month rolling contract

Package 2


Most Popular

  • Creating a cohesive looking feed
  • 25 Social media graphic posts per¬†month

  • Scheduling of content

  • Content optimisation

  • Caption creation (if required)
  • 12¬†Stories per¬†month
  • 60¬†minutes engagement per¬†month

  • ¬†Monthly report on all analytics

  • ¬†2 Social media platforms of choice

    Additional social media platform added starting at  = £150 per month
    Minimum Contract 3 months paid monthly 3-month rolling contract

Package 3


Top features

  • ¬†Creating a cohesive looking feed

  • 30¬†Social media graphic¬†posts per month¬†

  • Video editing / Reels creation

  • Content optimisation

  • Caption Creation

  • Hashtag sets

  • 120¬†minutes of engagement per week

  • 24 Stories per month
  • ¬†Monthly report on all analytics

  • ¬†3 Social media platforms of choice

    Additional social media platform added starting at  = £150 per month
    Minimum Contract 3 months paid monthly 3-month rolling contract


"The Best Social media Strategy For DJs , Artists & Business Owners" 


One to One Coaching Call £95


If you're not quite ready to hand over your socials and book one of our monthly support packages but want support work with us directly. 

In our one-on-one coaching sessions, we offer unparalleled value in elevating your social media business. With personalised attention and tailored strategies, we dive deep into your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations. We provide expert guidance and actionable insights to optimise your social media presence, engage your audience, and drive tangible results. Whether you're seeking to boost brand visibility, increase followers, or generate leads, our sessions equip you with the knowledge and tools to succeed. Experience the transformative impact of dedicated support and unlock the full potential of your social media business.


DJ / Artist / Author PressKits - £145


Traditionally an electronic artist presskit (EPK or presskit) is a selection of documents and files that you have ready to send to promoters, blogs, and anybody who may request it. It's a DJ or artist resume of sorts. This can also be great for Authors and Public Speakers.

Promoters and booking agents want to deal with Professional people and first impressions always count.  Our Presskits have proven to be very popular, if you would like to view a sample presskit click on the link below. Let us create a one-stop location for you to share with your potential clients. 

We will create a digital link in bio site that includes everything you would need to send to a promoter that wants to book you for a gig, all you need to do is send them this unique link. This includes important information such as your biography / Logo /press shots / links to all your social media sites and discography links for any producers out there. 



By Paul Hutchinson

Are you a DJ looking to take your career to the next level? Exclusive DJ Course, Designed by industry veteran Paul Hutchinson, this comprehensive course offers a wealth of resources to help you succeed in the ever-evolving world of DJing.


Mini & Full Website Creation - £225 / £495


At Rockin Social Media, we believe that your online presence starts with a rock-solid website. That's why we've partnered with Sociatap for the Mini websites and for the full websites we can create designs in Wix, Kajabi, Shopify or Wordpress. We'll craft a stunning, user-friendly website that perfectly complements your brand. Whether you're a musician, business owner, or just about anyone. Let us create your masterpiece today!



Rock Your Brand ebook


In the dynamic landscape of the digital age, establishing a compelling brand is more critical than ever.

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a creative professional, or someone with a passion to share, this ebook is your go-to resource for navigating the exciting journey of building a reputable digital brand.

In the pages ahead, we'll embark on a transformative exploration, breaking down the intricate process of crafting a brand that not only stands out but resonates with your audience. From defining your brand's identity and creating a stunning online presence to mastering the art of engagement and measuring success, we've curated a comprehensive guide tailored for beginners.

Get ready to uncover the secrets of successful digital branding, with practical insights, actionable steps, and real-world examples that will empower you to turn your passion into a thriving online business.



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DJ / Producer / Author / Instagram Geek and Social Media Manager.


I've been working closely on social media for the last 20 years and launched Rockin Social back in 2021. The goal was to create a life where I could work from anywhere in the world, so I focused heavily on social media after helping DJs through lockdown with my book DJs Guide To Success, focusing on DJs using social media to promote themselves to get more gigs. We are currently living in Spain managing nearly a dozen social media accounts for various people and businesses.


Some would say living the dream! We would say, working our asses off in the sunshine!